Facebook makes billions of dollars per year selling our personal data, and we never see any of that. We believe that users are entitled to a share of the money generated from our valuable data

What it does is a marketplace for your data. You provide the data you wish and you set the price. When your data is sold you will receive 50% of the revenue. Data can be provided through a form, or you can install a Chrome extension that harvests your browsing history in realtime.

How we built it is built using the Laravel Framework and Chrome Extensions

Challenges we ran into

Initially we wanted the Chrome Extension to automatically connect to the user's account on the website. However, we experienced some issues with the messaging APIs. For demonstration purposes, we hardcoded an API token into the extension

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The professional-looking appearance of the website, despite the quick development time.

What we learned

  • We went from knowing nothing about chrome extensions to creating our own
  • We learnt more about backend development

What's next for

Due to possible legal issues we're unlikely to be rolling this out beyond a proof-of-concept.

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