We were inspired by the lack of a program to connect Computer Science majors on the basis of similar coding experiences.

What it does

DatingBase solves the age old problem of finding a life partner by implementing a series of scrupulous MySQL queries to pair you with your equal, based on mutual programming languages and fields of interest.

How we built it

DatingBase is built using PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and of course, HTML and JavaScript. Compatibility between two singles is determined through MySQL, and subsequently, potential matches are displayed via AJAX and PHP. Profile management is done through PHP, as is logins and sign ups.

Challenges we ran into

Finding a mutual coding language/framework to use between all of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our wit.

What we learned

Delegation of tasks is key. Some of us were doing nothing for a little while, whilst others took on the majority of the work.

What's next for datingBase

Add a professional application for employers seeking viable coders.

Built With

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