Have you ever struggled to pick a restaurant with your friends? Are you frequently unable to reach a consensus on where to go? If so, Date Maker is the site for you. The theme for this hackathon was "Life After COVID-19," and after COVID-19, we'll be allowed to eat out again. The opening of new restaurants will surely cause many arguments about where to eat out and about convenience, so we made Date Maker.

What it does

Date Maker chooses the closest, highest quality restaurants to you and your friends. The app eliminates the need for argument and indecision in times of hunger. Just enter the type of food you want and who you want to go with and Date Maker does the rest and finds you restaurants nearby that you can agree on!

How we built it

We used a standard webstack with Firebase, as well as the Yelp and Google Direction APIs.

Challenges we ran into

On the backend, we had a bit of trouble implementing Google Cloud Functions.

What's next for Date Maker

Turn webapp into open source project and get more developers on board. Have them sign a Contributor License Agreement that allows them to retain intellectual ownership of contributions but Date Maker can freely use their software for proprietary purposes.

Create project on Jira to help manage open source workflow under Agile development framework. Break up tasks into sprints and follow SCRUM principles.

Follow "lean" product development methodology and develop an MVP. Use user feedback to help guide development of future product iterations.

Potential features may include:

  • Implementing restaurant recommendations as a premium feature using user preference data.
  • Enable advertising of local restaurants' promotional deals to users as a source of revenue.
  • Enable "matching" where people are notified of nearby bachelors who are also looking to eat. App sets up their first date.
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