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What's New!!

Over the past few weeks our team has been working hard on making Date.A.Voice even more interactive and engaging through adding new visuals, immersive background audio, and male dating options. On top of that, we've improved the flow of the dialogue to make the dates more smooth and conversational. To learn about the updates in more detail check out the recaps below.

A quick video showcasing the new features:


  • Date.A.Voice now has a unique avatar for each of your favourite dating companions, each with their own personality and design! Whether you're someone who enjoys rocking your favourite pair of jeans or a fancy top, we've got you covered with someone who matches your style.

  • We've also included dynamic visual responses in addition to our custom audio responses. You'll be able to see your dates questions and responses in speech bubbles as well as a unique visual background depending on the setting of the date. Your date will also react to each of your responses so you'll be able to tell if you're dates going well or if the love ship has sailed.

Male Voices

  • Date.A.Voice now allows user to pick between male and female dating options with unique Amazon Polly voices for each character. We hope that this addition will allow for more users to find enjoyment from our skill.

Immersive Audio

  • Date.A.Voice now supports immersive background audio for each date! Whether that's the sound of waves crashing along the sandy beach or the clinking of utensils in a restaurant we've added sounds to make the conversation feel even more real.

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