The inspiration of this project from the recent events that are being taking place across world. The amount of data that one has but the useful information cannot be understood in just plane text or the text files . The solution to the core problem comes with analyzing the data and then visualizing it which gives a clear picture about the situation.

Our project basically works on data analytics from the twitter analysis and work on the sentiments of the data based upon the topics that user has chosen(Currently due to the time constraint we have some limited functionality but the future developments on this project looks good). It also provides the related images of the queries and also the recommended topics that are related to it. At the end we show series of tweets in their categories.

Main technologies that were used is python, Flask, ELK(Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana), Javascript and jquery for asynchronous call to the api's, Machine Learning.

The main challenge that we ran into is how to integerate the ELK with python and then communicating with the UI as the data that is being used is real time.

We were able to complete our projects that we had focused. It feels really great as we have learnt some of the new technologies and building a cool and useful project.

There are lot of things that we have learned, studying new technology stack within 24 hours to code and create a project. Working with the team member and handling the pressure.

The next big thing for datawiz is that it can be used for any type of domain to get the information and analytics on that data taking data from different sources and bringing down to a single and getting most information from it.

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