Despite the fast spread of the coronavirus we still know relatively little about it. There exist databases containing basic patient information, but they are scattered around the word, non-consistent and what is worst, they often do not contain enough detailed information. The reason is, besides the not so easy international sharing, obvious. Medical doctors have to take care about their patients and do not have time to fill forms. We know it, we are medical doctors ourselves. Therefore, a tool that could help collect all necessary information in just a few seconds and take care about all the rest could tremendously speed up the search for a COVID-19 cure. DataVID-19 does exactly that.

What it does

DataVID-19 - the ultimate tool to fight coronavirus using data - is a web and mobile based application used to collect vital patient information. It is a virtual assistant activated by a single click that helps medical doctors extract and store all relevant coronavirus related information about a patient - age, sex, comorbidities, epidemic anamnesis, medication, symptoms, time since infection etc. It uses speech-to-text modules to quickly collect all information and AI based tools to filter and assess the information provided by the doctor. The assistant also makes sure the doctor did not forget to mention any important part of the diagnosis.

The doctor can also easily update the information about the patient by just saying the patient's name or identification. The assistant will automatically acquire the new information and update or expand the data. DataVID-19 also checks the integrity of the information and for example asks the doctor about the patient's status when not updated for long enough (i.e. whether the patient was cured, is still undergoing treatment or died). Finally, all data about the course of the disease, its treatment, possible complications and final status of the patient are available. Thanks to the advanced cognitive abilities of DataVID-19 the collection of all such information takes only couple seconds altogether and does not keep the doctor from taking care about the patients.

All data (as they contain sensitive private information) are encrypted and DataVID-19 thus complies with GDPR and other privacy legislation. Only the doctor decides what data are shared and with whom (e.g. colleagues from the same hospital, city, country, specific government or research institution etc.).

DataVID-19 works worldwide and makes sure the data it contains is consistent. It translates all information into English (or Latin) so that the medical doctor does not have to spend time with dictionaries. It makes sure only standard units are used and does the conversion if necessary. It knows all country specific treatment and reporting habits and unites them into a single unified database. DataVID-19 serves as a centralized starting point for both doctors and researches, with completely anonymized data open-sourced. It is ready to have many other applications build on top of it, which will then in turn further help medical doctors, institutions or governments with their day to day work. As such, DataVID-19 helps to make concise data-based decisions on how to prevent, fight and finally cure COVID-19 worldwide.

How I built it

The face of DataVID-19 is a standard website and mobile app. This website communicates with a backend server, which does all the hard work. It consists of several AI and machine learning based modules, such as speech-to-text, data extraction, language translation, data normalization or integrity checker. There is also an encrypted database containing relevant information. DataVID-19 is deployed in several locations thorough the world to speed up the whole workflow and also to comply with all relevant legislative measures.

What's next for DataVID-19

Right now, DataVID-19 is here to fight coronavirus. But when it achieves its goal and COVID-19 is defeated, DataVID-19 can provide its services to fight not only the next pandemic, but also all the many other diseases about which we know so little and where data play crucial role to find a proper cure. Finally, DataVID-19 aims to become essential tool for medical doctors worldwide and make the world a healthier place to live.

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