Data is the new oil in the 21st century and big cooperations have already realised that to their advantage. In this project we are giving the power and profit of data back to the people that create it. By using a reward system based on datatokens the contributors become immediate shareholders in data unions. Our first Data Vault is for images. It is available on the Ocean Protocol marketplace. The contributors upload them, annotate them and then these contributions are verified. They are rewarded with datatokens so they become shareholders in the dataset. This combination of mechanics creates an intrinsic motivation to contribute positively. We want to give everyone the ability to use their data for a better future and their own profit.

What does our dataset do and how does it work?

This dataset represents a collection of images and annotations. The data is uploaded, annotated and verified by the dataset shareholders in exchange for datatoken rewards. Participants invest their time to gain shares in the dataset and improve its quality. The goal of this dataset is to be used for AI training. will run Data Bounties that are looking for specific data and give extra rewards. The reward distributions will be in intervals and not directly for now but these distributions will be announced on our webpage.

The long term goal of this dataset is to contain millions of crowdsource verified and annotated images. will also facilitate the training of algorithms. algorithms will be available via the Ocean Marketplace and we will do an airdrop of 10-20% of the datatokens to the holders of the corresponding vault. We are aiming to create the option of Universal Data Income. Especially for countries with low average salaries compared to e.g. Europe.

As an example we are working on a trash detection algorithm with Project.BB right now and collecting data for that use case. When the algorithm will be published the contributors of these images will get datatokens in the initial pool of the algorithm.

  • Login with your Metamask Ethereum wallet - this is your ID, we don't care who you are but that you contribute
  • Upload images via our website - of course don't upload any problematic data and we use mechanisms to stop fraud
  • Annotate images via our website - there will be examples and tutorials
  • Verify images via our website - not your own and verification will be provided from multiple parties before acceptance
  • Claim your rewards when you gathered enough to justify the Gas costs to send out the tokens


We will mint more tokens to reward contributors but all of these events as well as the sale of pool equity and the spendings will be documented on our website. We want to be as transparent as possible as we want to strengthen the trust of the community into the project. In the long term we want to migrate to a DAO in the style of the OceanDAO to facilitate longest term growth. There will be Data Bounties that are looking for specific data and will give extra rewards that are sponsored by the the bounty creators.

What did we accomplish in the hackathon?

Before the hackathon there was only an idea and a vision but no code and no team. After the hackathon we are a team that build a lot of things:

  • Community of over 100 people in Telegram and Discord
  • The code that allows the login via Metamask and the upload of images as well as a Dashboard
  • Website for the project
  • First pitch sessions with potential customers and investors
  • Strategic team that is creating a Whitepaper
  • Dataset on the marketplace
  • Pitch deck


We are planning our roadmap in many different directions:

  • Upload, verification and annotation mechanisms
  • Create a mobile application that includes these mechanisms
  • Add other data vaults e.g. text, sound, and 3D objects
  • Increase decentralisation of our solution by moving the control to smart contracts
  • Allow addition of data while it resides on different storage
  • Algorithm training and sales via Ocean Marketplace - have the data providers become shareholders of that as well
  • Recruit more people and facilitate development via grants


Please join our community on Telegram, on Discord and follow us on Twitter.

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