Datashark is a platform where enterprises can buy data from consumers. Our users grant us access to high-quality data from sources like Fitbit and they get paid.

All the user needs to do is give our mobile application read access, and their data will be automatically encrypted and stored in our database. We manage a marketplace where businesses/NGOs/other entities can purchase this data on our web application. We include a functional frontend, allowing companies to search for the data they need from the people they want. Once price points match up, our code automatically executes, giving the consumer money and the business access to the data without the need for a middleman.

We've all suffered through the painstaking process of webscraping thousands of images, records, etc. to train our algorithms and all been frustrated by the inability to outperform competitors who are simply able to train better on a public dataset. We've worked at startups and large companies alike who suffer the pains of non-granular datasets. We spend hours poring through data -images, videos, text- and as frequent users of Venmo we wondered: Why not create “Venmo for data”?

We have mobile development experience in both iOS and Android, extensive machine learning domain expertise, and a background in blockchain. As members of our target audience who have experienced the problems we're trying to solve, we know the problem exists and have done extensive market research to understand the scope of this problem. As members of Machine Learning @ Berkeley, Blockchain @ Berkeley, and mobile developers, we find ourselves uniquely poised to take on this challenge.

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