A platform which enables crowd-sourced annotations for data sets of any size to be used for machine learning.

Mission Statement

Accelerate the spread of machine learning to small- to mid-size companies


One of the largest barriers to companies trying to integrate machine learning into their business is access to a gold standard set of annotated data. We at DataSense want to help businesses overcome that hurdle and thrive with data analytics.

Design Goals

Fair Compensation

Your time is valuable — we vow to always pay our users fairly

Data Integrity

Low-quality annotations hurts both sides


A wealth of annotation types will attract the best clients

Ease of Use

Simple interfaces accelerate the rate of annotation



Found in src/ExpressREST, you will need node and npm installed and an instance of mongo running.

npm install
node index.js

Java Server

Found in src/DataSenseReact, you will need an up to date version of Java RT installed.

./gradlew build # to build 
./gradlew bootRun # to run

Static File server

All static files can be found in src/frontEnd, where you can use any HTTP server you like. We suggest python! :)

cd ../../frontEnd
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

To Contribute

Make a PR, we would love to include your additions!

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