dataRel8 is a web application that can be used to perform some simple numerical analysis on World Bank data. It was developed in response to the 'Apps for Development' competition of the world Bank. The indicator data is imported into a local database from which the analysis is performed without continuously accessing the World Bank's servers.

The MDGs are aimed at improving the living conditions of the underprivileged, from poverty alleviation to health care among others, by the year 2015. The question is, are the MDGs achievable by the set date? Tables, graphs and chart visualizations alone are not sufficient to answer this question. Numeric indicators must also be extracted from the datasets in order to make meaningful deductions.

dataRel8 therefore aims at implementing some useful numerical analysis tools that decision makers and planners can use to evaluate their progress. The ability to determine if two indicators are numerically related is also very important. We believe that deductions made from such computations can greatly influence how resources are distributed in any given country. This means that resources can be directed to those areas that need them most.

Armed with tools such as those found in dataRel8 therefore, the road to achieving the MDGs in time should become a much smoother one. Needless to say, the functionality of this application was limited by the World Bank submission deadline.

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