With large amounts of data being collected from smart connected plants, it is vital to create a system that gets the right information to the right people, at the right time.

What it does

DataHub is a concept application that allows a user to query Brilliant Manufacturing data using natural language expressions. Instead of being overloaded with large data sets, a user can query DataHub for exactly what data they are looking for. The data is collated by DataHub and then presented using visualisations that help the user to understand the data and make informed decisions.

DataHub integrates with Efficiency Analyser, Enterprise Plant Insights and Work-in-Progress Manager. For example, as a manager in an automotive plant, I can ask DataHub to get the yield for the turbocharger part from today. Or I can ask DataHub to show current downtime events.

How I built it

Server app is built using ASP.NET Core, while Web app is built using Polymer framework and Predix UI components.

Challenges I ran into

Getting started with the Predix platform with the wide variety of components and modules.

What's next for DataHub

Artificial intelligence for better natural language expression handling

Built With

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