Big data is becoming increasingly valuable. The only problem is giant corporations (Google, Facebook) hold all of it. Our project is designed to reduce this, by allowing companies and users to sell data on a decentralized marketplace.

What it does

Our project creates a platform for a selling and buying valuable data on the blockchain. Payments are done through the smart contracts, then the data becomes encrypted and stored on the interplanetary file system. The IPFS is a decentralized web and file hosting service. Once the user has access to ipfs they can download, and unencrypted with their key. Since the IPFS address is stored on the blockchain. The user will not lose access to data after purchasing.

What data can be stored

Any data, from labeled images for AI, text files, to media. This data can then be used to train machine learning models.

How we built it

We built this using IPFS, React, Nodejs, js, npm, solidity, metamask, ether.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into problems with integrating the front end together with metamask, we had trouble keeping out github repo up to date and functional. We were not able to use ipfs on firebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

building this project with tools none of us really have experience with

What we learned

particle.js, react, cmd, uploading files, IPFS, blockchain, backend

What's next for DataHash

Currently a server is responsible for uploading the file to IPFS and encrypting it. A second layer Ethereum solution (such as plasma) could be used to upload and encrypt. This would make this fully decentralized.

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