To address the growing trend of patient data being sold to data brokers, we wanted to address this create an application that promotes transparency and fairness with health data.

DataGram allows users to track the sale of their health data as a way to encourage participation in research and trust in privacy measures.

Stack: Python (Flask), HTML, Figma, Sqlite, Stripe

Challenges : There were challenges integrating FHIR resources. Another challenge was designing a business model that benefited both sides, was HIPPA compliant, and did not conflict with the overall goal of promoting health data use for clinical research.

Accomplishments: Our perseverance! Also, combining and collaborating similar skillsets of multiple front end and backend engineers.

Lessons learned: Time Management is Critical! And starting with a strong understanding of the projects's concept helps streamline engineering tasks and minimize conflict and confusion.

What's next for Datagram: We would like to continue building functionality into our app, and add additional educational resources for users.

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