In many countries of Africa, the agricultural industry is based on traditional practices. These methods have been going on for years. However, the incorporation of technological factors can greatly enhance the output of this industry.

A great problem the farmers in the area face is monitoring fields of great size. These fields can be easily monitored using drones which and data that can be collected from the drones can be processed in a way to improve the output of that particular farm.

However, this is not the only way to have a modern farming business. Incorporation of Technology into the traditional agricultural methods, or rather developing from them requires a certain amount of investment, and education of the market the farmer intends to supply to. Our platform intends to connect the farmers with the trends of the markets, along with the means to acquire the equipment necessary. Those farmers who cannot pay for them, get financial support which they pay back upon sales.

With more than 57% of sub-Saharan Africa alone relying directly on agriculture, modernizing will improve its productivity and as such reduce rural poverty as it ensures a sustainable supply of food, reduced food prices, scaling of farmers(employment increases) and these are sustainable solutions we will be looking to resolve all these while also providing a better financial option.

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