Several new disruptive augmented-reality technologies are on the horizon, and our group wanted to reimagine how data center climate information could be visualized in 3D space with the help of sensors.

What it does

Our application collects real-time climate data of server racks using the Photon, displaying it intuitively on top of a virtual server rack. Users can also see the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded over a period of 60 minutes, as well as the outside temperature and current weather forecast.

How I built it

Using the 3D Engine Unity we created virtual server racks that connect directly to data collected through Photon chips as well as the AccuWeather API. That data is then displayed on top of the server racks, which change color depending on the current state of the temperature.

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was connecting the physical component of our project to a fully developed 3D application and AccuWeather, making sure everything runs smoothly and synchronously

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Solving the challenge we just mentioned! (:

What's next for DataEye

Extend our 3D prototype to account for more types of data and expand it so it's fully usable in augmented reality technologies like the HoloLens.

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