A vision from the future.

What it does

This is a animate video of an introduction to the next generation of technology, everything is seen impossible, but in VR world everything is possible.

How I built it

Pure AWS Sumerian.

Challenges I ran into

Define the content.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From setting the Sumerian account to the final result I was looking for, the Sumerian service proofed to be efficient. I know that in the next idea for a content comes us, I can rely on AWS Sumerian to accomplish my work without holding me back.

What I learned

Nothing is impossible to make it in Virtual Reality with Sumerian.

What's next for DataCenter 5.0

Make it an interactional experience with the viewer, implement the VR tools for first person viewer/player to experience the scene and objects. Make an autonomous robot to randomly walk and interact with the scene and first person viewer/player.

Built With

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