Maintenance Engineers work on their feet for hours to get their equipment operational by the end of the day. They are rarely in the mood to input meticulous details of their operations into an unintuitive and slow computer interface at the end of their shifts. This leads to inaccurate recorded data and little understanding of what common problems actually are.

What it does

"Databus Insights Platform"TM is a secure cloud based AI Enabled platform that will be built to address end-end data infrastructure challenges from integration and cleansing of data to deriving and predicting insights. The cloud based data discovery and insights platform enables businesses connect, transform and model data coming from multiple sources to generate prescriptive and predictive insights. The platform’s intuitive workbench will be capable to connect data from multiple sources (Sound, image, video )& generate a 360-degree view of the problem you are looking at and generate prescriptive/predictive analytics.

How we built it

Three days of guidance from 30 plus DoD mentors and AWS experts helped us form a solid proposal and project pitch for the judging process.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the practical/ immediate implementation capable advanced tech. Had multiple iteration with different end users to give the best possible solution. Condensing our pitch and making it in the 4 minute limit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of ---

1) Interaction & bonds that we had with mentors & cohort members 2) Follow Up meeting invitations from a) USMC b) Air National guard Innovation team post-hackathon 3) Feedback from mentors and product features gathered

What we learned

The many difficulties maintenance engineers face in their everyday duties. What type of solutions the DoD hopes to find through cutting edge tech.

What's next for DataBus Cloud AI Enabled Data Discovery & Predictive Pftm

a)Submit an SBIR for Navya's 19.3 Predictive Maintenance topic and gather letter of support from USMC, NSIN b) Proof of Concept/ Prototype building - [Joint collaboration of startup/BES -USC Center for predictive maintenance - Fraunhofer USA (tech bridge for commercialization) - DoD approved Product list certification intiatiation - DOD APL, FIPS 140-2 , CCL, CsFc (defense intelligence req)

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