Captioning your Instagram posts, I guess? No, No, Kidding. Inspired by the blend of technologies that this project had to offer. The collaboration that we needed to do the project! :wink:

What it does

DataAnnotated is a platform which offers various data annotation task with easy collaboration with peers. The platform creates a seamless integration between data in annotation and data used in development. This way the developer can keep track of the annotated data while in development with no need for manually checking the annotated data every once in a while.

A complimentary python package is developed connecting their user profile during development. In this way, they could annotate their data and download it from the package during development.

How we built it

Initially, we started with small bits here and there. We started doing the landing page and then jumped over to do the development functionalities that we were planning to develop for the platform. We worked on three bits in parallel and integrated that gradually. We faced a few merge conflicts during the integration but we could resolve them with our patience.

Challenges we ran into

Technical: About technical challenges, the first one was deciding on a project idea. But thanks to our Pod-Leader, Yashika, she got us through this. Then was the other installing stuff and "adjusting" challenges. Um, but that's why we are developers, right?

Non-Technical: Non-technical challenges? Ah! Don't even get us started here. The time zones and availabilities remained a constant struggle. And I (Ravisha) had exams starting from Analog Circuits. Siddesh had to relocate his entire living across 2 countries, ah like! And Nhi had her show and tell on Wednesday. :sweat: But you know what, go ahead and read Accomplishments that we're proud of :grin:

Accomplishments that we're proud of

So, you read the challenges, right? We got through them all! :sunglasses: We managed the time zones, availabilities, opinion differences and everything with a positive mindset. The way we collaborated and accommodated each other's thoughts and helped each other out, we're proud of this accomplishment. We were able to decide and stick to the idea. And come up with the project! We utilized each other's knowledge and learnt from each other.

What we learned

We definitely learned the tech stacks, team collaboration, delegating tasks, understanding each other's availabilities and limitations and of course time management. We learnt to properly work with React and also about flex boxes, went about resolving the stubborn bugs that we faced and also learnt about developing python package and caching data.

What's next for DataAnnotated

Um.. All kinds of Data->Annotated, I guess? More features and maybe a better UI and UX. Wish us all the best!

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