Our inspiration for this project was the 5/3 proposal challenge, we were intrigued with the data set they provided and we're excited to brainstorm problems and then code solutions. Based on the data set we were given which was information on customer demographics and card transactions.

We developed a rough draft of a website/app that would be user friendly for both clients and business management. The client side was user friendly and would show the client their current transactions and spending habits, categorized in general topics within a pie chart so the client could easily see what they were spending most of their money on whether that be food or entertainment. The business user face combines both the demographics data of the clients such as age, marital status, ect. and their spending habits to see comparatively where the demographics of clients affects their spending habits. This is shown via a stacked histograms.

The front end of the website we tried using figma to map out and would later program it into flask to operate. The backend was mostly composed using figma to consolidate all the data and take commands from the front end and deliver them to the user. We divided the work where one of us would work on the back end and one of us would work on the front end.

We hit a few bumps being what exactly we wanted to do for a solution to the problems and had many idea brainstorming sessions that eventually got us to our final solution.

We are proud of the work we created.

We learned a few new programming languages or improved upon skills that we already knew.

What's next for DATA TITAN

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