While learning about array lists last year the first step in a lab we were given was to create an ArrayList with some given data and it was a pain typing everything out with the right formatting. This tool is a result of that twinge of annoyance. When I got to thinking about what else could be done with custom data I realized our application could be used in an educational context to to create custom labs.

What it does

This tool can be used to convert data into data structures for easy copy and paste to avoid the hassle of typing. Simply input text, select parameters, and press the "Generate" button. It can also be used to create custom Java labs based on the input data and parameters. Computer Science teachers can easily create multiple forms of randomized Java labs to prevent cheating and file sharing among students by pressing the "Generate Custom Lab" button. We also coded sample answers to labs for each data structure available in the "Sample Answers" folder in the GitHub repo.

How we built it

We made a Java Swing GUI that references two classes we created. One class converts the input text and parameters into a data structure and the other uses those same inputs to create custom randomized Java labs.

Challenges we ran into

While creating the custom labs we had to make sure the names of the files weren't the same as previously generated versions. Additionally, completing the GUI was challenging because we were unfamiliar with how to do so.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

A completed GUI with functional buttons, drop-down menus, and input fields

What We learned

Java GUI and file creation/manipulation

What's next for Data Structure Generator

We would like to expand the types of Java Data Structures that our program can handle and add compatibility for Data Structures in other programming languages such as Python.

Built With

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