While traveling internationally, we realized how difficult it can be to connect to the internet and how expensive international data plans can be. Although the local people were connected and had enough data to possibly share with others. We were inspired to create an app that allows users to either sell or buy data from others for affordable prices and convenient interaction.

What it does

All users of the app will first log into the app with their account username and password, then users can decide if they want to become a provider for data or if they want to receive data. If the user does not have internet, they will be directed to the receiver page and if they do have wifi, they will be directed to the main menu. Receivers and providers are given the names Data-Share Receiver or Data-Share Provider, so receivers can locate and connect to providers easily. The app also includes in-app credit which users can use conveniently for purchases but credit can also be transferable back to you through Braintree payments.

How we built it

We used android studios to develop this application. Our app implements the use of logic authentication tokens, device tokens, and web browsers. In the backend, we used Ruby on Rails. The connections between users are made between bluetooth connections. Our app also implements the third party payments, Braintree.

Challenges we ran into

We faced difficulties with finding, connecting users through bluetooth and send information from user to user. We also had trouble tracking the amount of data an user would use and then preventing them from using more than than they paid for or that the seller is willing to offer. We had to use roundabout ways to fix certain things because documentation isn't always supported.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting up backend servers without any issues and setting up the bluetooth connections from user to user.

What's next for Data Share

We want to add more functionality to our application such as making our app automatically close bluetooth connections when maximum usage is reached by receivers. We would also want our app to be more secure so that credits can't be lost or stolen.

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