Show examples of Python and R scripts to implement different data science projects from higher education administraion to public health to broaden participation in data science.

G'Day All, I am trying to submit computer programs for statistical data analysis and data visualization as part of DivHack 2019.

I plan to create examples of computer programs in Python and R (to perform statistical data analysis and data visualization) for public policy, political science, sociology, higher education administration, public health, and biology/biochemistry.

The goal is to help my friends, women, Latinx, South Asian American, and others, in such majors to acquire skills in data science, and apply them to address current and emerging problems in the communities, on campus at Texas A&M, and elsewhere in the world.

If I can't finish it by the weekend, I will still work on it and share it publicly on my GitHub account.

If you want to participate in DivHack 2019 with me, please kindly let me know.

We will generate syntactic data sets, and replicate what is commonly found in textbooks and journal articles in these fields.

We plan to share the source code on the cloud-based Google Colaboratory platform and Anaconda Cloud, so that people can try/use our code on these platforms. By clicking run on each line or each set of lines, they can execute the code in a data set of their choice.

What it does

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for data-science-for-all

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