We all are surrounded by data and every second we process a large amount of data and provide feature rich functionality focusing on performance and connectivity along with ease of development process for developers.

What it does

  • Overcomes all the drawbacks of REST API
  • Provides Unit Test Functionality for easy refactoring
  • Uses State of Art Technology that is supported by Open Source Community
  • Provide 2X performance and easy development process
  • Ease of Authentication with Google and Github user Id ## How we built it
  • Create a Database on MongoDB Website
  • Add the link in Hackathon2022/server/.env
  • install dependencies using npm install
  • Start the server using npm start
  • Open new terminal and move to client and move to directory src
  • install dependencies using npm install
  • start the client using npm serve ## Challenges we ran into
  • Setting up Apollo graphql
  • Setting up Auth0 with google
  • Adding Unit test ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Performance of the system
  • Design of the system
  • Authentication
  • Industry standard development process ## What we learned
  • Unit Testing
  • Data Oriented Design ## What's next for Data Oriented Design for Movie Review System
  • Adding more functionality such as review functionality
  • Adding UI components

Built With

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