Manifest database with a communication tool between consignees, transporters, clearing agents, and customers. Our product works by going through the following steps:

Step 1 - Upload manifest along with status message Step 2 - Confirmation of message sent to consignee Step 3 - Manifest database takes the uploaded manifest and matches up the consignees to the correct parent company. This works by using historical data (consignee name, commodity code, port of leave, and agent name). If there are any breaks, then the user can manually match the consignee to their correct parent.

Dashboard 1 - For transparency, notifications and messages are logged onto this dashboard. Consignee and clearing agents can monitor the status of the delivery.

Dashboard 2 - Clearing agents who take too long to handle their responsibilities show up on this dashboard. Publicly shaming them, and could possibly lead to them losing their job.

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