I work in real estate and finding data for specific regions of the globe is a chore. Data locator aims to simply searching for geographical data on the Commons Marketplace.

What it does

Enter a DID from the Commons marketplace. Data locator will fetch it, parse it for gps coordinates, and if found, it will display them on the world map. Any user can thus easily search for Commons dataset about geographical data. You can try it out with the Commons data "Capitals of the world" with the DID . did:op:f6cb0812a89f46b99467136022ebc16f56321becd98f4e83b38bc9c46f19a836

How I built it

Built using Typescript, React, Leaflet, web3 and Squid

Challenges I ran into

The ocean.assets.consume function only downloads the file and does not provide it to the react app. I have not been able to read the file from the browser after downloading. It would be great to have a callback method with the data of the file. I have therefore simulated reading the JSON file from "Capitals of the world" if the consume method is successful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was my first time working for a blockchain project.

What I learned

Almost everything regarding OCEAN!

What's next for Data Locator

  • Fetch all datasets from commons automatically and create a database of dataset with geographical data, so users could search for datasets with geographical data from specific region, e.g. find all dataset including coordinates in France.
  • Propose a pull request for Squid to provide a callback method with the consume method providing the consumed data to react.
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