Maintain the integrity of a sensor configuration - which is critical when working outside of normal working conditions.

What it does

We use block chain technology provided by the Data Integrity Assurance service to security sign the sensor configuration on initial creation as well as on updates via a Sensor Manager micro-service.

The sensor configuration is then stored in Asset services.

The Sensor Manager micro-service can be used to verify the integrity of any sensor configuration at any time. It can also be used to add new sensors, update configuration on existing sensors or delete sensors.

The Sensor Controller retrieves the sensor configuration and verifies the integrity of the configuration before using the configuration values. If a new configuration is detected and retrieved, the integrity of the new configuration is verified before using it. If the new configuration is not verified successfully, the sensor continues to use the last know verified configuration.

How we built it

The Sensor Manager micro-service is written in java using Ericsson's Data Integrity Assurance service, Asset services, Timeseries service, UAA, and POSTGRES. The Sensor Controller is written in nodejs and uses REST interfaces into the Sensor Manager application.

Challenges we ran into

Using Predix Seed UI to connect to a micro-service other than Asset services, Timeseries, or the UAA. Instead of using Predix Seed UI, we instead built the UI interface into the Sensor Manager micro-service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've been able to demonstrate the successful introduction and integration of the new services with the Predix platform and provide a mechanism for further integration.

What we learned

A lot about the Predix platform capabilities to communicate with the outside world and how we could extend it further with new services to account for a more diverged set of use cases.

What's next for Data Integrity for Sensor Configuration

We would like to use Predix Machine to generate actual sensor data to feed into the Sensor Manager and provide data integrity for the sensor's data as well as the sensor's configuration. We would also like to successfully connect the Predix Seed UI to the Sensor Manager micro-service to provide a GE look and feel to the Sensor Manager micro-service.

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