Implement a state of the art web app feature that supports the end-user updates by sending and retrieving data through the site and a proposed database. The web application would utilize third party open source software OmniSci to analyze and query large data sets.

The project wanted to include the software option to enter required information for sourcing a homeless information that would utilize the database.

The technologies that were used for this competition were C#, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML

Setting up and querying SQL server to a) enter multiple entries into the database and b) query and retrieve data values from the database. Essentially, the difficulty was setting up and configuring SQL server.

Creating a easy to use front end development for the analyst by navigating through the navigation bar.

Assessing necessary requirements and determining the highest priority for each task.

What's next for Data & Homelessness in Dallas. Set up a ready to go configured dynamic SQL database.

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