Many companies use Confluence to create structured data, e.g., pages for employees or external consultants with their master data / skills.

Compared to a specialized solution, Confluence does not have to be introduced in the company and is known in its usage. Pages are highly flexible when it comes to entering data. The problem, however, is that you cannot compare or analyze this data without spending a certain amount of time and effort. In addition, the data is stored within the page, which makes it difficult to extract the information.

What it does

Data Forms allow you to include and manage forms and their data directly on Confluence pages. This enables you to structure information and simplify data maintenance.

Using Data Forms, you can predefine the selectable values the user can choose. This minimizes typing errors and the entry of information that cannot be interpreted. Predefined Values in Action

The data forms are stored at and not within the page. This enables you to display these data forms on other pages as well. Our forms are based on templates created by administrators. By belonging to a template, data forms can be grouped and analyzed in a simplified way.

How we built it

We first implemented the idea as a (relatively new) server app. Through this codegeist, we show that it is also possible with Forge and could also extend the feature set. By using as many Atlaskit components as possible, we believe that this will allow us to fit very well into the Confluence user interface.

Challenges we ran into / Accomplishments that we're proud of / What we learned

The whole team was new to Forge (Forge itself is also relatively fresh ;), so it was a steep learning curve not just for the Juniors but for all Developers on the team. The community ( has helped us a lot here.

What's next for Data Forms for Confluence

  • We will include the license api, fix some small todos and publish the App on the Marketplace.
  • Features that we have developed for the Cloud App, will also be made available for the Server App.
  • We will address Data Forms for Jira Cloud so that you can also move Data Forms from Confluence to Jira and back again.

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