Data Dump is the future of IoT bathroom technology.

Features include:

  • Automatic unrolling of toilet paper
  • Unable to manually unroll toilet paper - must go through app (feature)
  • Weather report printed on toilet paper
  • Status of toilet paper indicated on web app
  • Dynamically rendered toilet paper to visualize number of remaining wipes #bigdata
  • Blockchain uses number of remaining wipes to mine block with every wipe #disrupt
  • API showcases nearby locations where you can buy more toilet paper

Venture capital welcomed

AR experience coming soon

Our startup is hiring and we must recruit ten new people by the end of the hack-'a-thon. Also download our app

Technologies used

Business side handled; need someone to code the algo's

Written in Flask with an Arduino Uno, but looking to convert to React Native / MEAN stack / Ember.js. 7+ years experience preferred

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