One way through which COVID-19 spreads is by contacts with contaminated objects, animals, or humans. One of the most important measures now to prevent the virus spreading is to have a higher hygiene, requiring washing/disinfect our hands constantly. Besides the lockdown, in some countries there are still people moving within the cities and the streets become not only meeting points but could also be hotspots for Covid19 contaminations and spread. There are some washing devices currently on the streets, but most of them are manually operated. Hence facilitating microbial contaminations

What it does

Our Street hand washing machine is simple to use, touchless, moveable, solar panel driven which opens itself as long as someone has placed his hand in the designed position for washing.

How I built it

I built it with the help of team members, because everyone was sharing his or her ideas.

Challenges I ran into

1.Coordinating the members to share their thoughts,comments on time. 2.Get prompt response when i lost direction in submitting my application. 3.Knowing the expertise of each people who was joining the slack channel.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To come up with the team that is multidisciplinary team of engineers (mechanical, computer, programmers and Civil ), public health and WaSH specialists, economist and business specialists.

What I learned

Having different expertise or working as a team ,problems/challenges can be solved in a shortest period of time.

What's next for Street hand washing machine.

We are looking for funders or promoters such that we can make more machines for distributing on streets.


Problem Description

One way through which COVID-19 spreads is contact with contaminated objects, animals, or humans. Streets are meeting points for contacts as people must move from one end to another for various activities. During a pandemic, streets become not only meeting points but also potential hot-spots for contamination and spread. Currently, most hand-washing devices in public spaces are manually operated, hence facilitating microbial contamination.

Solution Description

Street Hand washing Machine will be designed in the way that it opens itself for someone to wash his or her hands. In this, contact surface which can cause spread of COVID-19 while opening your manual hand water tap will be prevented. It is automated with sensors, solar, power bank, water and soap tanks, and mobile supports. It has a designed place where someone puts his or her hands. After putting the hands, a sensor detects and allows water or soap tap to open for the programmed time of 40 seconds. Solar panels provides power that is stored in the power bank for the machine to operate, and to be used outside day light.

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 and prevent another pandemic wave of any other disease associated with sanitation and hygiene, we are proposing installing hand-washing machines that are: 1.Simple to use,

  1. Touch-less,
  2. Solar panel-driven,
  3. Movable. Our system prototype has been designed for easy and quick hand-washing for not only pedestrians but also cyclists and people on vehicles.

What we have done during the weekend.

Over the weekend we came up with the following; 1.The best design which we can use. 2.Edit our work to suit what is required.

  1. Coordinate with mentors in order to make our idea comes out well.
  2. Making a pitch video.
  3. Draft the budget.
  4. Make a presentation
  5. Business model
  6. Implementation plan

Benefits to Society

Improved hygiene on the streets by providing an easy and accessible way for washing/disinfecting hands. Makes movement of people through cities safer against contaminations. Helps reduce the spread of not only COVID-19 but also other viruses on the streets.

Implementation Plan

1-The proposed project will be implemented in two phases (Foot-operated phase and sensor operated phase) in selected pilot countries in EU regions. In each selected country, pilot streets in various localities will be identified for launching of prototypes. Similar control localities will be selected in each pilot country for impact assessment analysis of launched prototypes. During project pilot phase one, we shall assess performance, acceptability and limitations of our prototypes. Generated information/data will be used for fine-tuning and up-grading the prototype towards scaling in other EU communities. 2-Time line : 6 months pilot period,
3- geographical scope: Countries will be selected based on the current COVID-19 trends in EU. This project/investment will remain active even after the COVID-19 pandemic for preventing other hand-to-mouth diseases and for promoting WaSH (Water-Sanitation and Hygiene) within our communities. 4-Proposed technology: Sensors activated street hand washing systems to be used by the following target populations : Bike riders/users, vehicle drivers/users and pedestrals.

Business Canvas model :

(i)- Key Partners; Funders, NGOs, Government Agencies, County Councils, media Agencies. (ii)- Key Activities; Setting-up Data Driven Automatic street hand washing machine,but this will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will be Foot operated street hand washing machine but later we up-grade to Sensor Activated Street Hand washing Machine on the community streets. (iii)- Key Resources; Funders. (iv) - Value Propositions; Foot operated street hand washing machine will be operated manually by the legs but Sensor Activated Street Hand washing Machine will open itself as long as someone has placed the hands in the designed position for washing hands. This is done to prevent spread of COVID-19 due to contact surfaces experienced when someone is using a manual water tap with hands while washing hands. (v)- Customer Relationships and Channels; educating the communities through media channels on how to use the machine, and how better it is, than using a manually operated hand water tap. (vi)- Customer Segments; we are targeting street users in the communities. (vii) - Cost Structure; we will be able to test the prototype in selected pilot countries then extend and expand to several other countries through established private/public partnerships. (viii)- Revenue Streams; no revenue to be collected

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