DeFi space is fragmented. Several DeFi platforms but majority lacks good documentation and technical support; thus making it difficult for other developers to access and leverage on these platforms.

What it does

A revolutionary gateway enabling developers to build and deliver DeFi applications faster.

How we built it

Researched about the DeFi platform. Read their blogpost, learnt what these projects do. Learnt how developers wants to access these platform. Built APIs around these.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of supports and technical documentations of different DeFI projects. We had to do most of testing on mainnet and lost funds while testing it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Project works on mainnet !

What we learned

What's next for DATA (DeFi Algorithmic Trading API) Gateway

Adding more and more DeFi projects into it.

Built With

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posted an update

We are adding Real-time AI powered ETH price notification whenever there is change in the price and sentiment of ETH.

Providing alerts for DAI and other tokens to let you know when is right to to Lend or Withdraw your tokens depending upon price changes.

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