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My wife is "Kantonsarzt" of Berne. A small Contactcentere was set up to answer all day long the same questions for callers. I think absorbing this surge in traffic volume is something that could be done in a more scaleable way with chat and AI. There are various projects in this Hackathon to collect data (Patient data), either in text or multimedia format (cough sounds, pics,...), or to respond to Q&A questions. In many cases, these are web front-end apps, or dedicated mobile apps. Chat or voice is more easily available to anybody.

What it does

Receive or initiate chats/ gather data/ answer Q&A through any chat channel, manage a conversation and process data including rich media on any chatbot (Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Botframework,, voice...).

Queue the chat to a human person (healthcare professional, shop, testing station) under certain circumstances (content not clear, signs of an infection,...).

Data gathered can be text (health status of patient,...), or rich data (sound, GPS location,...) - anything that can be transmitted via a chat channel.

Our solution can be a complement to other projects that seek an easily accessible alternative to a mobile app. We would work with somebody that is.. *implementing a Chatbot *requires queuing to a human *or gathers data.

it also is able to proactively reach out to a patient (individually or as a campaign/ for alerts)

Link to the presentation

Demo with Rich-Media Messaging from Viber, sharing GPS Location:

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