Today data is top priority for any business. A client base can stream from any global area and having excellent data streams for investment is critical. The group operating these data driven streams need a coin protection to insure their data research is not ubsorbed prior to payment. Crypto wallet keys with a PubNub email alert is a way to develop this project.

What it does

Enables "constant contact" with event planning and payments to insure that data is insured and no copyright violation.

How I built it

PubNub is the email alert publish app Tierion is the data storage store to manage data accounts Use WaLlet for payments

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Data:coin

I am interested in moving forward with project. I do not think I am eligible for today's contest. I wanted to start the project interest and I really need this concept for my own wallet, I believe this is a very monetizable concept

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posted an update

SwissRes data Is an excellent test matrix. Will upload from Swiss Res international insurance data, with request from email to data analyst with project details. Log in to Swiss Res data account and confirm project details payment complete with coin based contract.

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