Analyzing usage of virtual machines in different industry. Providing useful information to assess if a machine is being used efficiently.

What it does

Provide an overall view of 100 csv files about virtual machine's cpu/memory/disk/internet usage.

How I built it

Use Jupyter python note and pandas, seaborn, numpy packages.

Challenges I ran into

The original dataset has less than 10 useful dimension and correlation analysis shows that there is little correlation between them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Analyzed the whole 100 csv files and refine the data to a small dataset contains less than 2000 tuples.

What I learned

Seaborn plot package. There exists correlation between CPU_Usage and Memory_Usage but not strong correlation. Internet Input will contribute to all other features but also not strong correlation.

What's next for Data Challenge: Virtual Machine Data Analysis

Build a better scoring system to give each machine a usage score.

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