When we first heard the pitch from Search for a Common Cause, we were excited by the opportunity implement data visualization, and compelled by the humanitarian cause.

What it does

Users can interactively enter data that gets sent to our database. Since we didn't have quite enough time to fully connect the database to the visualization component, we instead are running a demo version with a preloaded, carefully curated dataset.

How we built it

Constantly on the verge of a breakdown

Challenges we ran into

Data visualization, front-end, and back-end. Furthermore, connecting the data visualization, front-end, and back-end components turned out extremely challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The d3 visualization of graphs, and the cool clustering features we created! Creating a powerful API

What we learned

The entirety of the d3 stack, django databases from scratch, jquery, how to delegate work and focus on deliverables, keep calm and carry on when it's way too close to the deadline

What's next for Data Analysis & Visualization of Local Social Networks

Fully connecting the back end to the graph visualization tools, allowing users to feed input through excel files, and more interesting analysis on datasets, like "shortest positive path" and more robust support for group structures.

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