One of the biggest products of waste in America is medical waste. A big portion of that waste is materials that were never used in the first place but because they came in contact with patients, they can't be used again. Part of the reason there is such high levels of medical waste is because when patients come in, there isn't much information on how they developed the symptoms they did, making doctors waste a lot of extra resources to determine what the diagnosis is. This also increases the cost of care for patients and hospitals.

What it does

Data Alert is an alert system designed for hospitals and caregivers that alerts the user to possible hotspots in their community based on sensor data collected. This helps doctors and caregivers have a better knowledge of reasoning behind certain symptoms, saving time and resources in the diagnosing process, thus reducing medical waste. This can help doctors around the globe but especially medical professionals in developing countries and underrepresented areas.

How we built it

We used to create our website to show what our user would experience on the web version. We used Microstrategy to take in the data and create a visualization of the hotspots in air quality across the nation and then incorporated that into our website. Our mobile app is still in development.

Challenges we ran into

Both of us are Electrical Engineering students so creating our website and using MicroStrategy was a first for us. We wanted to do something hardware and we had a sensor system planned but we tried multiple Arduinos and a Dragonboard 410c, both of which wouldn't work with our programs on our laptops so we decided to focus on the software side for the time remaining.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am personally proud of learning how to use MicroStrategy Desktop and actually make something since it's the first time I've ever made a data visualization. I'm also proud of my teammate for doing her best to try to troubleshoot the boards we tried and also making the website.

What we learned

We learned that there are a lot of ways to create a system like this in such a short time-frame. We also learned that there is can be a huge use case for this product.

What's next for Data Alert

We want to see Data Alert become a real thing. The first step would be to create a working prototype that works with the app to visualize the data collected and alert medical professionals. We want to start small, make this a community-based initiative, then expand to the nation and globally. This product could help immensely in developing countries for doctors working with limited supplies.

Built With

  • autodesk-fusion
  • dragonboard-410c
  • excel
  • microstrategy
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