David Mihal recently refactored Austin Griffith's Burner Wallet to make it modular and extensible. Because this hackathon's theme is gaming, we decided to create a social game for Burner Wallet. The social game we picked was fantasy football.

What it does

People don't want their entire betting history on the chain. Burner Wallet facilitates casual gaming with ephemeral addresses.

How we built it

We used David Mihal's Burner Wallet Plugin Development Guide to create the Dat Fire plugin. We ported a fantasy sports contract from Ethereum network 1 (Main net) to network 100 (xDai) and set that as our backend. We built the user interface using React. And we added support for various bounty sponsors.

Challenges we ran into

The Burner Wallet plugin API is very new and the documentation for it is not complete yet. We overcame the limitations of the documentation by consulting the author director.

MetaMask can cause transactions to hang on POA network if it sends transactions from apps like Remix IDE and Burner Wallet. We overcame this by sending funding local web3 accounts from within the MetaMask plugin and disconnecting MetaMask from the other DApps. If MetaMask gets stuck with pending transactions on POA network, save the seed phrase and reinstall MetaMask with your old seed phrase. Somehow this causes pending transactions on POA to confirm.

Burner Wallet was not built to handle NFTs. We hacked together a utility to help it render the balance of our NFT, but the watcher doesn't initialize, so it won't update. The Burner Wallet author is working on an NFT plugin that will be ready by DevCon Osaka.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are one of the very first teams to ever use the new Burner Wallet Plugin API. It would not have been possible for us to complete this project if we didn't have support from the author. We are very proud of our ability to collaborate effectively with our peers in this field.

What we learned

We learned that web3 abstraction can make development much simpler, but the interface becomes much more opinionated. It appears that web3 abstraction libraries like @burner-wallet/core will be leveraged more at hackathons and eventually in production.

What's next for Dat Fire Fantasy Football

Dat Fire will be added to the plugins list on We hope that having this popular game on Burner Wallet will encourage people to try similar DApps like prediction markets!

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