Do you ever wonder what your ISP service is really like? Are you getting your money's worth? How do DNS public services perform compared with those of your own ISP - in the long run? Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) set complex policies based on time of day, service level or application; others are known to over-subscribe their networks, actively shape traffic or even discourage heavy hitters. To you, the end user, these policies translate into noticeable time-of-day variations on bandwidth availability, limited performance for specific applications, or simply overall degradation of the quality of service received. As a consumer you want to be sure that you are getting the service that you're paying for and are informed of any network management practices that impact your performance. The main goal of Dasu is to efficiently capture these variations by constantly monitoring and measuring the level of service provided by your ISP, so that you can make informed decisions about your choice of service provider. Dasu does this by constantly analyzing your BitTorrent performance and results from limited light-weight measurements to characterize your service and infer the presence of practices that negatively impact your network performance.

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