Ask any Pakistani college student what’s the most aggravating thing that they face (apart from exams prep that is) and the answer is always the same – how can we apply to top-notch universities all over Pakistan without breaking our backs? That’s the question that’s hovering over every Board/A-Level student with exams looming on the horizon. Exams and worries about university admissions at the same time? That can be too much to handle for most.

Ok maybe ‘breaking our backs’ is a figure of speech here, but applying for Pakistani universities located in major cities is no walk in the park for students and their guardians either. There’s travel, lodgings, food and a herculean amount of time and nerves involved here.

In Pakistan out of Total 179 HEC recognized universities only 43 univ have online admission portal. Students have to apply manually for all the universities resulting in wastage of around 10-12 days, while the students have only around 4 weeks for Board Exams.Thus we decided to resolve this issue and thus wanted to save the time for all the Pakistani Students.

What it does

Dastawezat eases the students by making the Admission Process hassle free. _ It aims to take all universities onboard on its portal thus enabling the students to apply to all the universities by filling just one online form_ . And relieving the students from running into queues either in Banks for Payment Submission or in Univ Premises for Forms Submission

How we built it

Initially we made a small Admin Panel and merged the databases for different universities in it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proudly saying we are already in collabration with main stream Engg Universities **NUST Isb, UET Peshawar, HITEC Taxilla, UET Lahore, UET Taxilla, IST Isb, PIEAS Univ.

What's next for Dastawezat

We are aiming to take all 179 Universities on board with us and also one of our co founder is going to Indiana State Univ, USA for 2 months Acceleration Program. Hopefully we will achieve the target of 37 Major Universities by September 2016.

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