Teaching nature sciences can be hard, especially for more abstract themes. Dáskalos makes learning fun and explorative again. Usable both for beginners and as an interactive reference book, it shows information about such diverse topics as platonic solids, optical lens systems, momentum conservation for pendulums, atom models with fusion, vector analysis and many more. The content will be fully interactive and the interactions playful – and not boring and grey. The topics immediately become more tangible and easier to grasp, as they deal with spatial phenomenons that are hard to explain in books or static graphics. Knowledge can be transferred in a more direct way and is embedded in beautiful interactive models and systems which is one point badly missing from many AR applications today.

Note: the attached screenshots show the content on a display and with optical marker tracking, which allowed us to do some technology testing and mock up the experience for us. But of course the final application will be using the Epson Moverio to allow see-through AR interactions with interactive educational and edutainment content.

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