In the current climate, for certain groups of individuals are less likely to commute around due to safety/health reasons and services like delivery has a much important role in society now. Recession is also happening worldwide, with such a platform it enables an additional source of income to help with those in need to tide them through this difficult time. What is good about this concept is that it requires no technical skill and no delivery vehicle to start, the courier is even able to travel by foot .

What it does

It is a platform that matches a delivery service seeker to a delivery service provider. The provider or seeker can be anyone that has a Facebook messenger. All information is collected via Facebook messenger chatbot and matchmaking happens when the provider and seeker's geographical location are within distance. The delivery seeker will have to pay an amount (calculated by the system considering the distance and type of parcel) to the delivery service provider.

How I built it

I used Laravel as the backend service and using botman to facilitate interactions with the Facebook Messenger APIs/Webhooks. Frontend for webview i'm using VueJS. Geocoding and mapping displays i'm using google maps. Nginx server and DB is powered by DigitalOcean and i'm using Forge to manage the server settings and configs.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge is how to gather the user's geolocation in an efficient and seamless manner, it was difficult as the sharing of location feature was deprecated in Facebook Messenger.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to complete to complete this project in the span of 5 days with no prior experience working with Facebook Messenger API.

What I learned

Learnt how to utilise Facebook Messenger Chatbot to better enhance the customer experience in e-commerce.

What's next for DashVer

Enhanced matchmaking algorithms for the platform and improvements to the UI/Chabot to better simplify the whole delivery process and also a web platform that is integrated with the Facebook Chat.

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