DashR is an AI powered virtual assistant that acts a true assistant in both, physical and virtual sense.

What it does

From making you a custom beverage to helping you find the best travel deals, DashR can do it all.

  • DashARM beverage maker allows the Dasha assistant to control a robotic arm to make beverages remotely, so you can have a hot cup of coffee (or other beverages) ready for you when you arrive! ​
  • DashaCAM is a subsystem that can see who's at your door and convey your message to them.
  • DashaFly helps you plan a trip! You can get flight information to and from a destination, as well as covid information and a customized itinerary.
  • DashaHVAC allows you to get information about the temperature, humidity, noise levels, light levels, and other information collected by IoT sensors, as well as control these settings using the voice assistant. human: it's too cold in here.
    dasha assistant: i've increased the temperature from 24.1 to 26

How we built it


  • servo motors
  • potentiometers
  • wires
  • sensors
  • dht11
  • BME280
  • 18650 batteries
  • Arduino controller boards

voice assistant:

  • (dsl)
  • dsl
  • nodejs
  • python
  • ngrok
  • mongodb
  • google cloud storage

Challenges we ran into

  • training coherent phrases
  • character limit on #sayText
  • Argument error while training intents

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • multiple working subsystems
  • working MVP

What we learned

  • dasha scripting language
  • language models can be complex to train

What's next for DashR

  • make DashR more robust by training it on a more complex model.
  • train the robot to make a sandwich, custom salads and protein bowls
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