DashLab is a way for individuals and businesses to share and collaborate within a data-driven environment through a real-time data visualization dashboard web application.

The Overview

Within any corporate environment you'll find individuals working on some sort of analysis or analytics projects in general. Under one company, and sometimes even within teams, you'll find a loose approach to drilling down to the necessary insight that in the end drives both the low-level, daily decisions and the higher level, higher pressure ones. What often happens is at the same time these teams or employees will struggle to translate these findings to the necessary personnel.

There's so much going on when it comes to deriving necessary information that it often becomes less powerful as a business function. DashLab provides a simple, eloquent, and intuitive solution that brings together the need to save, share, and show this data. Whether it's a debriefing between internal teams across different departments, or be it a key process that involves internal and external influence, DashLab provides users with a collaborative and necessary environment for real-time drill-down data investigation.


To utilize full functionality of this website, test the real-time drill down events by viewing the site from two different clients. Open a web browser and visit the site from two different tabs, sort through the available fields within the line graph visualization, and click on cities and countries to see both tabs update to the current selection. Total mobile compatibility not supported.

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