Data overload is a growing challenge we have seen developing over the years, and it's a problem we are working on tackling.

Most businesses, including ours, use between 15–20 different applications to run their business. Each one generates a wealth of valuable data. Social media, marketing, web monitoring, online payments, CRM and the list goes on. On top of that, it’s time-consuming, and often very hard to parse all that data, let alone understand it and use it to grow. We think that’s a shame.

Dasheroo aims to solve this problem. It is a collaborative business dashboard that makes your data easier to understand and act on so you can grow your business. Now you can track all of your important KPIs for overall business analytics, sales, marketing, web analytics, email marketing, social media, in one great-looking business dashboard.

Whether you're a 1-person shop or part of a larger team where you need to share and collaborate to help make more informed, data-driven decisions to grow your business, Dasheroo is for you.

Dasheroo for Infusionsoft offers dashboards that are incredibly valuable to an Infusionsoft user. Instead of looking at numbers in a table, Dasheroo provides a way to visualize the most important Infusionsoft metrics so that you can work on making your marketing and sales process more efficient.

  • Infusionsoft Reporting: Track how well your salespeople are closing deals in a funnel format, how your email marketing campaigns are performing, what products are selling the most and 25 more metrics from Infusionsoft.

  • Multiple Data Sources: Dasheroo offers an 29 additional data sources and 300 metrics to add to your dashboards including Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Eventbrite, Survey Monkey, Pinterest and Paypal to name a few!

• Save Time: Spend less time logging in to all your various apps, and view your important data all in one place.

• Sharing & Collaboration: Work together across your dashboards. Comment and chat real-time right from within Dasheroo and get results.

• Anywhere, Anytime Access: We're in the cloud, and it's beautiful up here. You can access your data from anywhere, on any device you want, at any time.

• Stay Organized & Productive: Dasheroo dashboards let you easily organize data for you and your team. Your social media pro can have one, your director of support can have one, your VP of sales too. And, the boss can create her own that tells her just how well you're all doing your jobs.

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