What it does

"Dashbot" is an easy way to control your (office) dashboard via Slack. Just write him what you need to see or which widgets aren't needed anymore via your computer or mobile phone and it will automatically update your board.

How we built it (frontend)

For the frontend we're using a websocket connection to get data pushed from the server. This data is used by react.js to update the grid reactively.


On the one hand all of us use Slack at work everyday and we all enjoy playing arround with one of the many different bots aviable, or even with our own ones. On the other hand we were looking for an easy configurable dashboard to use in the office or even at home. So we had the idea to combine both and build a dashboard editable via Slack. In the office colleauges could share current activities or funny gifs with easy and short commands. At home the dashboard can be used to coordinate te everyday life with your flatmates, for exammple with a shared grocery list.

What's next for Dashbot

In the future we will probably start using Dashbot at home and so find out about missing features and weaknesses in the current controlling. For working on project in the future we will probably rewrite the code using sailes with our newly gained knowledge and experience. The goal for the future is to see Dashbot running in the office.

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