SIO? Blackboard? Handshake? CMUeats? The Bridge? Academic Development? Are you overwhelmed by all these different websites? We got your back.

We present to you “CMU Dashboard”, a website that aggregates all the essential websites and resources that will help you survive CMU. With only one website, you will be able to customize your schedule and have access to all kinds of resources at once on one single platform.

What it does

-Create your academic schedule -Fits office hours into your schedule -Live demo of available dining locations and libraries -Links to resources that focus on academics, wellness, and recreation.

How I built it

-Set up a server -Used boilerplate to set up the framework -Created a front end and a back end -Used a Mongod to set up a local server -Did DashboardintegrationLab and Google Calendar API

Challenges I ran into

-Very very big JSON files -Parsing through big data from Scotty Lab to collect the data we needed -Learning Google Calendar API -Linking multi-framework

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-First time writing front/back-end program -Intense coding in 24 hours

What I learned

-Teamwork and time management -How to not sleep much

What's next for Dashboard CMU

-Location tracking -Make appointments with advisors -Find classmates near you -Turn the whole website into a mobile app -Add notification of HW/quiz/test DUE dates

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