So the inspiration for this project came from the difficulty of attending hackathons in lots of different cities and having a horrible time navigating these cities. Google Maps is great but not when you're trying to make sense of directions on your phone, dodging large crowds of tourists on your Penny-board Skateboard in Times Square while trying to make it to your train to Princeton from Penn Station.

Our app combines both the best of hardware and software. It uses an Electric Imp microcontroller mounted on the Penny-board to give LED-lit turn-by-turn directions straight from the Google/Bing Maps API's so you do not have to constantly check your phone for these directions. You just look down at your board to tell you where to go!

At the same time, you can tweet your destination to your friends with a simple and intuitive foot-tap on a small button on the board! The whole thing is controlled via WiFI connection to the microcontroller so you can constantly be connected to your Penny-Board and the Dash server.

Dash also has a companion cross-platform application (w/ Node.js backend) which detects your current location and then takes in your destination address to pull turn-by-turn directions.

Navigate your everyday without staring at your phone screen. Stop looking up directions. Let's go places.

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