DASH turns any vehicle into a ‘smart car’. A mobile utility plus hardware, like Nest or FitBit, our goal is to make the road smarter, greener, safer and more affordable for drivers. Works in all cars post-1996 in the US. Pulling 200+data points from the car sensors, as well as 100+ social and ambient data points (weather, traffic APIs), it provides real time diagnostics/alerts and historical data viz, enabling the driver to maximise MPG, improve engine performance, gives tips/insights on carbon emissions and offset tools, as well as how to reduce running costs on gas, maintenance and insurance (along the Mint.com marketplace model). Currently in closed beta test (tested in multiple makes/models/years of cars, as well as city, rural environments, as well as internationally in Panama, Canada, UK and France), with a Q1/2 2013 launch date. Our board of advisers is composed of data scientist (Columbia/UCLA professor, who has worked in emissions/automotive data space), as well as consumer mobile data (LBS), hardware engineering and an experienced automotive executive. HQ in New York CIty, at the Varick Street incubator, under the leadership of Micah Kotch of the NYU Poly/EDC greentech/sustainable initiative.

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