The idea for this hackathon was birth out of a conversation that I and my codeveloper had during FOOT, which was a pre-orientation program that we went on in the middle of the woods. During our pre-orientation trip, I came to realize that it is becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to adhere to the culturally mandated shipping times that Amazon imposes, so I wanted to create Dash in order to address that fundamental issue.

  • What it does

Our hack determines the best supply chain model that a company should use when shipping a commodity or product; a lot of the time what that means is creating a collaboration between two different small businesses to deliver the same item. The hack automatically evaluates every option within the network of the company and returns the best option.

  • How I built it

We used Google Maps and EasyPost APIs to estimate the cost of shipping from different inventory locations. A scoring mechanism based on the outputs from these APIs is used to evaluate these potential logistical options as then the program returns a rank list of all the best options.

  • Challenges I ran into

Getting the MySQL database functionality to work was intellectually challenging given that there was a large flow of data, so the structure of such databases had to be made consistents. Once we were able to normalize database structure, the back end was seamless after that.

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