The Story

We began this event with one goal: to make an experience that could motivate users to better themselves. There are few forces in this world that can motivate real change - and we realized that competition among friends can be the catalyst for personal enrichment. However, friendly rivalries often devolve without a clear goal in sight. We've devised a new way to have fun running with your friends.

What better way to better yourself, than to bet on yourself? Dash provides the opportunity to incorporate a friendly wager into running goals. Users can schedule their races within the Dash interface, which allows them to set an endpoint and the amount each competitor must wager to enter the race. It's simple: first person to reach the end marker wins the prize. The beauty of our audience is that it's nearly limitless: this application can be used among friends of all ages to organize friendly races, large-scale competitions, and charitable events.

The Product

Dash is entirely self sufficient. Using the Google Maps and Venmo APIs, a user simply has to authorize their Venmo account to get up and running. We're excited to display our clean interface, which allows users to choose an end location, and in the future, will offer the ability to algorithmically determine an optimal endpoint. Users are quickly and efficiently notified if their payments have been accepted, and can be ready to go in under a minute.

We want to revolutionize the way people think about fitness, and Dash provides motivation and childlike wonder to running again.

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